With over a century of experience, you can rely on IngensData. IngensData delivers next generation IT solutions on time, to specifications and on budget.

This commitment to excellence means we are laser-focused on solutions that address your constantly changing storage needs.

As your company defines new requirements, changes business strategies and develops new competitive challenges, storage teams must support the needs of today while delivering on tomorrow’s commitments. IngensData has the domain expertise and disruptive technology solutions that can help!


Valuable solutions must be able to increase scalability without sacrificing performance and reliability.

With the rate of change in today's computing environments, thorough planning and preparation is crucial for the long-term success of infrastructure implementations.

By incorporating assessment, planning & design along with migration, protection and recoverability as part of everything we do, our 360 Degree Solutions help solve real business problems and provide real business value.


We value our strong partnerships and pride ourselves in lasting relationships with our clients.

Based in New York City, we deliver solutions for our clients worldwide.

IngensData works collaboratively as an extension of your team, aligning your goals and objectives with our services and solutions.

We make it our business to know your business. We provide Intelligent Data Management Solutions designed to transform the data center and transform your business.


360 Degree Solutions

Designed to help each client review their current environment objectively.

IngensData partners with key customer teams. To improve the reliability and operational efficiency of the IT infrastructure. We will assess their needs. Define a baseline. And then provide recommendations.
Whether you need technical insight into managing business system growth.   A review of your current data protection processes. Or an Infinibox storage solution deployed. Our engineers design a strategy, create a customized plan and proceed to roll-out. 

Our 360 Degree solutions include:

Analysis, Audit, and Blueprint

Gain insight into your end-to-end storage infrastructure. Get answers to questions that needed extensive manual attention before. The IngensData analysis, audit, and blueprint service. Creates a visualization of the size and complexity of your current environment. This solution can be offered as a point-in-time inventory verification.  Or as an ongoing assessment for optimization with detailed audit reports.


Compliance AND Remediation

In complex and dynamic storage environments. It's difficult to ensure established policies and best practices. Particularly for compliance against internal configurations and vendor interoperability matrices. Current manual processes and relying on personnel knowledge can be cumbersome, ineffective and risky. IngensData provides a solution that automates the process of auditing your storage infrastructure. 


Protection AND Recovery

As data volumes grow at higher velocities. Organizations have increasing difficulties managing their data protection infrastructure. Backups generate many versions of the same data, driving up the cost of media. Backup windows continue to grow, leading to challenges in backing up full volumes of changing data.  Tape media is slow to restore and retrieval can be time consuming and expensive. 


Consolidation  and Migration

Although the cost of storage is decreasing, the impact and cost for businesses managing storage are rising. Data migration and consolidation projects are time-consuming, expensive, and error-prone. Many enterprises are considering moving  to highly consolidated platforms or private clouds. Migrations are complex and human intensive endeavors, they demand manpower and careful planning. 



IngensData is a channel partner and Value Added Reseller for INFINIDAT.

infinidat / Infinibox

INFINIDAT is changing the storage industry by providing enterprise class hybrid storage at a disruptive price point.

As the digitized data’s growth is outpacing traditional storage capacity growth, INFINIDAT brings a new generation of highly reliable and efficient storage systems, which supports the future growth needs. INFINIDAT removes traditional storage paradigms and delivers superior systems with innovative storage solution which is scalable and is unlike anything on the market.

Customers no longer have to choose between cost, functionality, capacity, performance and reliability. INFINIDAT's InfiniBoxTM is Next Generation Enterprise Class Hybrid Storage providing block, file, unified and object storage to fit almost any production use case. The InfiniBox puts an end to compromises and trade-offs. Ask any member of the IngensData team for more information or a product demonstration.


"INGENS" is Latin for enormous or vast

Today the digital universe is estimated to have over a zettabyte (ZB) of data.
That’s 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes of data!

Managing, storing, protecting, and consolidating such vast amounts of data is nothing short of a Herculean task and is a key challenge that IT organizations are dealing with on a day-to-day basis. When facing storage-related business and operational challenges, customers have typically focused their attention on technology decisions. Today's storage technology options — networked versus direct-attached issues, capacity requirements, and backup and recovery options — are more complex than ever. While technology continues to play a dominant role in a storage solution, enterprise customers are looking to leverage these storage investments into business solutions that can scale, increase business value and provide improved regulatory compliance, while reducing operational costs.

At IngensData, we help IT organizations manage this enormous data growth and focus on helping enterprises operate more efficiently. IngensData solutions include storage analysis and blueprint services along with design, migration and environment management and audit practices.

Our proprietary tools support enterprise migrations and related business requirements through discovery, analytics and audits whic result in actionable tasks that your organization can rely on.

IngensData is a combination of 2 companies with a compiled 100+ years of experience in the IT Industry. With a history of sales and business development, along with technical expertise second to none, IngensData paves the path to next generation data centers, transforming the worlds largest IT infrastructures and creating efficiencies to help reduce IT-related operational and capital expenses. Through the combination of people, process and technology, we are instrumental in changing the landscape for large scale data growth. Through gathering a detailed understanding of a customer’s objectives and their existing environment, we work with our customers to evaluate their options, come up with a strategy and develop a customized plan. We then manage the execution and deployment of the customized solution and see it through to completion.


we do it once, right &  efficiently

IngensData's Management team has over 100 years of introducing, implementing and managing new technologies to Wall Street firms. The management team has BEEN the customer, having built and managed storage for:
Goldman Sachs
Merrill Lynch
Bank of America
Nomura Securities
Lehman Brothers
IngensData's team has worked with or been part key members of major storage technology firms including: 
Storage Apps
Data General
We do it once; we do it right & we do it efficiently - saving our customers time & money with no unplanned downtime.
Experts in analysis


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